Water fasting and juice therapy

Simply put, fasting cleanses the body, giving our internal organs a chance to rest.

What is juice therapy?

A fresh juice diet promotes clearing of metabolic waste products and accelerates healing. It’s similar to what occurs during a water fast, but to a lesser extent. Juices provide nutrient support, being rich in easily absorbed and assimilated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other phytonutrients. These assist in taking the edge off some of the symptoms, such as weakness and discomfort, that can occur when water fasting. Juicing is an ideal way to ease your body into and out of a water fast.

Some of the health benefits of juicing are similar to those of a water fast.

It can improve:

  • Kidney, liver and immune function
  • Skin conditions
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Joint and muscular aches, and
  • Energy and mental clarity.

One of the many benefits of a juice program is the way it can help you to break the vicious cycle of bad eating habits so many of us fall into! Juice therapy helps cleanse your system while enabling your digestion to take some much-needed ‘time out’ from the hard work of processing a normal diet. It’s the best way to give your gut a chance to start healing itself.

Fresh juice is referred to as ‘live’ food because it still contains active enzymes. Packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, fresh juice requires minimal energy to digest. Once absorbed by the body, the fruit begins to establish a better acid/alkaline balance within the body.

On a juice detox a state of partial fasting can be achieved relative to the degree of calorie restriction. A juice diet comes with less of the uncomfortable effects often associated with a full fast e.g. weakness, dizziness and headaches. It provides similar benefits of a full fast but to a lesser degree.

What is water fasting therapy?

Water fasting therapy is often considered the most effective way to increase elimination of waste and enhance the healing process of the body. Water fasting is not the same as starvation. Unlike fasting, starvation is a process in which the body uses essential tissue for fuel, when not eating. Water fasting spares essential tissue (vital organs) while utilising nonessential tissue (primarily fatty tissue but also adhesions and swellings etc) for fuel.

What else can help a juice or water fasting therapy?

Hydrotherapy can be another part of the detoxing process. Warm and cool packs, applied to the liver on a daily basis, can assist in the removal of toxins and waste. In turn, this also assists in moving the lymph (immune function) and also provides the body with relaxing, nurturing support.

Rest in vital. Being able to relax in a non-stressful environment is essential for a good detoxification. If massage and hydrotherapy are used during a detox if can really help to induce deep relaxation and support a more peaceful nervous system whilst also assisting in further removal of toxins.

Important tip: Fasting should ALWAYS be carried out under proper supervision.

If you want to undertake a fast or cleanse, you should consult a naturopath, who can support you during the entire detox process. They can also help you to establish healthy eating practices and an appropriate exercise regime, when you have completed your detox process.

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