Achieving mindfulness in the Technology Age

Our constant exposure to technology can cause stress and reduce our ability to achieve mindfulness. While the Technology Age has helped to facilitate innovation, convenience and new opportunities – 24/7 connectivity can also cause a fragmented state of mind. Scientists call it Digital Overload, where the mind is significantly overworked. It can cause stress and anxiety symptoms.

We’ve put together some tips to help you achieve a healthier balance and develop mindfulness in the Technology Age. They should help you achieve greater calmness, clarity and efficiency!

  1. Deliberately remove yourself from all technology at regular intervals for at least 15 minutes. Ideally, this should be done every two to three hours (so at least twice during a normal day at work). It can be as simple as going for a quick walk, better yet if it’s outside.
  1. Take pause. Before using technology each day take an active pause. Focus on the current moment. This only needs to take around 30 seconds each day. Just take a few deep, slow breaths before you get started.
  1. Avoid digital multitasking. Undertaking more than one activity on technology platforms at a time can negatively impact mindfulness.
  1. Come back from your hyper alertness by undertaking active breathing and, if you can, meditate for a short period of time after using technology again.

Do not take technology to bed. Giving yourself some time away from any technology is highly beneficial for your health and can help improve your quality of sleep. Instead of using your tablet, reach for your favourite book instead!

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