Release your stress through nature

If you feel like you’re getting more stressed as the year goes on, then you may need to spend some time in nature. Many studies have proved the power of nature as a stress reliever. Spending just 10 minutes outside each day can have a range of positive health benefits.

Nature can help enhance your creativity and focus, boost your mood and self-esteem, and scheduling some time outdoors also increases our daily movement.

Here are five easy ways to change up your everyday routines and help you get back into nature more often.

Meet outside – If you spend the majority of your day stuck inside in meetings, schedule them outside. For example, meet in a park, sit under a tree in the office garden or have a walking meeting.

Go outside after work – If you normally go home but continue to do work when you get there, take it outside. If this is too difficult, plan to have afternoon tea or dinner outside at least once a week.

Exercise outdoors – Take a walk outside instead of on a treadmill. You may even save time, as you won’t have to travel to and from the gym everyday.

Swap your coffee for a walk – Handle the dreaded afternoon slump by swapping your 10 minute coffee break for a quick 10 minute walk outside. You will be amazed how refreshed you feel!

Have a picnic – Meet your friends at the local park for a picnic, instead of at your regular café.

The next time you go outdoors, take your shoes off and spend some time walking barefoot in the grass. This process increases the health benefits you receive from spending time in nature, as the relationship that your body has with the electrons in the earth increases.

So, what are you waiting for? Release your stress by reconnecting with nature, everyday!

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