Natural remedies to rejuvenate your body

  • Here at Hopewood, we advocate a natural approach to health and wellness. This includes using natural beauty remedies.

    To help you achieve this, we have listed a number of natural ingredients that can be incorporated into your beauty regime this spring.

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera is an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. It’s frequently reported that burns can be soothed remarkably quickly and the pain reduced rapidly with topical application of Aloe Vera to the burn area. Aloe Vera can also be taken internally in a liquid form, so it’s just as useful for internal epithelial tissue as it is for the skin. It also works on membranes and surfaces.


    A chamomile ointment can be used for haemorrhoids, skin ulcers and wounds. A lotion can also soothe skin rashes including eczema. Chamomile tea can relieve restlessness, teething problems and colic in children. To ease itching from eczema and other rashes, try adding chamomile tea bags or the essential oil to your bath. Its anti-inflammatory action may speed healing and prevent bacterial infection.


    We recommend using eggs to replenish dry, damaged hair. The high-protein content in eggs is great for improving hair resilience. They can also help to remove oil-soluble impurities. Try whisking two eggs and two teaspoons of coconut oil – apply mixture to hair, leave for 10 minutes and then wash thoroughly.


    Milk can be used to help soothe sensitive, dry skin, which often feels dehydrated after the cooler winter months. It is a gentle alternative to walnuts, as the lactic acid in milk is softer on the skin.


    Oatmeal can also be used to help soften and calm the skin. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties. We recommend placing a handful of oats in a washcloth, adding a small amount of water and rubbing it over the skin.


    If you have rough hands and feet, walnuts can be used as a gentle exfoliant. Simply  blend the walnuts with a little water and rub onto hands and feet each week.

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