Creating positive change for you and the world

Australia has experienced extreme devastation over the last three months due to climate-enhanced bushfires. Feeling helpless or powerless is a common feeling amongst the nation as we watch on.

We look at the idea of goal setting to combat these feelings, and explore what each of us can do to make positive change on a micro level and how this can ultimately have ripple effects.

Goals and affirmations:
Did you know you can use creative visualisation and affirmation to direct your mental energy and create positive change in your life? Modern neuroscience has shown that you can use these methods to change old, counterproductive patterns.

Here are some basic guidelines for effective creative visualisation and affirmation:

1. Choose a goal
Create a relaxed environment and contemplate what it is you want to manifest.  What do you want in your life? What do you want for this world? It may be to do with your health, career, relationship, living environment or physical condition. At first, choose goals that are fairly easy for you to believe in. That way you won’t have to deal with too much negative resistance.

2. Create a short statement
Verbalise your goal as though you already have the outcome you desire. Create a concise statement that encapsulates the desire you wish will happen. Repeat that statement three times, using the same wording each time so it’s clear and precise.

3. Create a mental picture
Close your eyes and create a mental image of the scene, exactly as you want it to be.  Think of it as being in the present time, as though you already have achieved this outcome. Include as much detail as you can.

4. Focus on it often
Bring your mental picture and your concise statement to mind as often as you can – particularly when you are in a relaxed state, such as the beginning and end of a meditation or relaxation practice, before you go to sleep and upon waking.

5. Give it positive energy
As you focus on your goal, think about it in a positive, encouraging way. If resistance or doubt arises than acknowledge it, name it and reframe it, or find ways of processing it. Draw on the part of yourself that has a deep desire to create positive change.

Continue to work with this process until you achieve your goal.

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