Help regenerate Australian fauna and flora with a native garden

Summer is here and with this is an opportune time to develop your garden. Australia is ripe with incredibly unique, diverse, and beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees, many that can suit any home garden.

Native plants can help support native wildlife, providing safe places and plenty of nutrition. Natives can also help your garden spring to life by developing your local insect and bird ecosystem.

It goes without saying that now, more than ever, we need to be supporting our local flora and fauna, to help re-establish and regenerated what has been lost in the bushfires.

Today we talk you through how to add some majestic natives to your home garden as well as share some of our favourites.

Before launching in and sending off for seeds of every variety, we must take a moment to understand our environment. Where you live or what specific requirements might apply to your garden. Sun, soil and ecosystems play a considerable role in the life of plants and bringing in outside flora and fauna is never a good idea. Make sure you understand what is healthy and right for your garden and the area of Australia where you live. Failure to do this may encourage your plants to get out of control and become weeds.

It is also worth noting that just because these plants are Australian natives, it does not mean they will thrive without attention. All plants require love and looking after, especially when they are first established.

Eucalyptus or gum trees are obviously an Australian staple. With over 700 species these trees can be both, the largest flowering plant on earth, and an excellent option for Australian bonsai projects. Gum trees can begin as seedlings but find the most success when planted semi-established.

Also known as wattle, named for its use in making homes, is one flower Australia is well known for. It is the most widespread plant in Australia. Wattles can be easy to care for, smell great and are an ecological dream.

Kangaroo grass
If you are looking for a brilliant covering plant or shrub, kangaroo grass may be perfect for you. Classically Australian and with a stunning flower (when you let it) this grass will make your backyard feel like the Australian bush. It also supports ecological life and is incredible hardy in harsh conditions.

Brachyscome Daisy
For attracting bees and butterflies, daises are your go-to. Insects like a flat surface and the multiple tiny florets that make up a daisy are perfect feeding stations. The Brachyscome is also brightly coloured all year and an absolutely stunning centrepiece. They can even look great potted, on a deck or veranda.

This plant will forgive all mistakes (well, not all, but pretty close). Correas are an understory shrub that just wants to love you and be loved by you. They require very little water, can handle any amount of sun, protect other plants and just generally make your garden more beautiful to be in.

If you are looking for a statement piece in your garden, then look no further then Grevilleas. One of the iconic Australian plants, Grevilleas stand up and say hello. With over 600 species (some human bred) to choose from, you can find one that compliments your garden or your house.

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