The benefits of bathing

Across the globe, baths and bathing have been an important wellbeing element in civilisation. Throughout history, nearly all cultures have attached importance to baths and bathing. In 2000 B.C Egyptians were already adding essential oils. The Romans’ love of giant bath houses and the Japanese Onsen traditions might be geographical polar opposites but they are in fact incredibly similar and ancient traditions. Due to its many health benefits, most cultures have encouraged bathing for centuries.

Check out some fun facts on the benefits of a bath:

1. Salt water baths: increases moisture retention, stimulates circulation, detoxifies and hydrates the skin, promotes cellular regeneration and helps heal dry, scaling, irritated skin.
2. Reduce cold symptoms: The steam from a bath is great for easing congestion, it can reduce inflammation and helps clear chest and nasal cavities.

3. Soothe those sore muscles: A warm bath, especially one with peppermint or ginger oil, helps reduce inflammation while a cold bath lowers the levels of lactic acid in the bloodstream. Adding Epsom Salts to the bath will also help soothe those sore muscles!

4. Sweet dreams: A nice warm bath before bedtime has proven to help induce a deeper and more peaceful sleep. A good night’s sleep, especially between the hours of 10pm and 2am, supports your immune system and will increase brain activity for a fresh start the next morning.

5. Happier horizontal: A study from the University of Wolverhampton found the combination of bodily comfort, warmth, isolation and body positioning from their daily bath considerably improved the mood and optimism of the study’s participants.

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