Winter gardening

Winter is a perfect time to renew and transform your veggie patch, readying it for all the fruit and vegetables the spring season will have to offer. Use these simple tips to rejuvenate your garden.

1. Make the most of space
If you have a smaller garden area, it is important to make the most of the space you have. This includes any wall and fence areas, which can be used for hanging herb gardens, or to help creepers. At the end of a season, you should rid your garden of any unwanted plants.

2. Create sections
It is much easier to manage a veggie patch that is separated into sections. One suggestion is to split fruits and vegetables, so that you can easy access what you want. Similarly, you can separate crops in relation to the amount of water they need. This will make it much easier to take care of each unique plant.

3. Use old containers
If you are running out of space in your veggie patch, make the most of old containers. These can be used to plant individual plants, such as tomato vines or smaller herb bushes.

4. Create shade
When you’re planning your garden think about the warmer months too, so it is important to create a shaded area. Many herbs (including basil and coriander) do not like to receive too much sun. Similarly, tomato plants will quickly dry up if they get too hot. To avoid this, create a plant bed near a shaded wall, or build a fence to create shade.

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