Kick start your body’s natural healing

The human body is extremely resilient and has an amazing ability to heal itself. After periods of feeling slow and idle, having a cleanse or detox can activate your body’s natural healing process. This can boost your health and wellbeing, and make you feel revitalised as you start to become more active.

A juice cleanse is a natural detox that can accelerate healing. By fasting, your digestion has a much-needed break from the hard work of processing a normal diet, giving your internal organs a chance to rest. Your body will still receive nutrients as juices are rich in easily absorbed and assimilated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Over more than 55 years of supervising juice and water therapy, we have noted significant improvements in health conditions, such as:
• Kidney, liver and immune function
• Skin conditions and chest congestion
• Cholesterol and blood pressure
• Fatigue and poor digestion
• Joint and muscular aches
• Energy and mental clarity

We recommend consulting a naturopath who can support you through your cleanse. They can also help you to establish healthy eating practices and a suitable exercise regime.

During the cleanse:
• Always have someone to care for you – it’s common to experience side-effects such as headaches, muscle aches, backaches and nausea.
• Rest is essential – fasting should not be undertaken at the same time as going to work or activities that normally fill your life. Relaxing in a non-stressful environment will help the detoxification.

After the cleanse:
• Start by eating fruits then gradually introduce salad vegetables, followed by cooked vegetables and then more substantial foods.
• Ease into any physical activity.

If you’re looking to start getting in shape, why not have a juice cleanse to get you feeling revitalised and motivated.

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