Buy local seasonal produce

As the seasons change so do the fruit and vegetables that grow. In the past, people only ate produce that was in season and grown in their local area.

Now we can buy fruits and vegetables all year round from across the world, but this can mean lower quality and flavour.

There are many benefits to buying fresh, local, seasonal produce:

It’s better for you
Local fruit and vegetables are generally picked when they’re ripe and ready to be eaten so they’ll be full of flavour and nutrients. Produce that will be transported long distances is generally picked early and kept in refrigerators to lengthen their shelf life – this can diminish the flavour, nutrients and vitamins.

It’s better for the environment
Transporting and storing fruit and vegetables increases greenhouse gas emissions. Local, seasonal produce is better for the environment as it requires less transport and storage.

It can cost less
The lower transport and storage costs of local, seasonal produce can also mean lower prices for consumers. There’s usually a greater supply of produce that’s in season which can also reduce the cost.

To find out what produce is in season, you can consult seasonal produce guides. Also, consider purchasing fruit and vegetables from your local farmers’ market rather than the supermarket. Or, if you have the space, you can start a garden to grow your own fruit and vegetables at home.

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