Boost your motivation to walk

Boost your motivation to walk

Walking is one type of exercise that you can do anywhere anytime. It’s free, it doesn’t require any special equipment and people of all fitness levels can do it. A daily walk is a great way to keep active especially if you prefer low intensity exercise.

However, we often don’t see walking as a very exciting activity. It’s often seen as a way to get from A to B or maintain our health. Here are some ideas to boost your motivation and enthusiasm to go walking.

Set a walking or steps goal – consider how far you walk each week or your daily step total and challenge yourself to increase this. For example, if you walk an average of 5km in a week you could set a goal to walk 10km in a week. If you need help tracking your walking distance or step total, there are free apps you can download on your mobile phone.

Join a virtual walking challenge – virtual walking challenges also set a goal for you to walk a certain distance over a period of time, but they provide virtual routes such as Mount Everest or the Inca Trail. The website or app records how far you walk and shows where you are on a virtual map. Some challenges are free while others require you to pay a subscription fee for each challenge. If you’re competitive, some even have leader boards and let you compete against others.

Find new walking trails – if you follow the same route, you may find yourself getting bored. To provide a change of scenery, research local walking trails in your area. If there’s a walking trail that’s further away, why not pack a picnic lunch and make a day trip out of it?

Commit to a regular walk with a friend – it may be more convenient to walk by yourself, but it’s probably not as fun as having company. Organising a weekly walk with a friend kills two birds with one stone – you’re getting your exercise in and you’ve got a regular catch up with your friend.

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