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As the temperature starts to drop our motivation can often take a hit. It’s important to keep your momentum going during the cooler months so you can stay on track and achieve your goals. Follow these simple tricks to stay motivated!

Mindfulness – A change of season is a good time to re-group, re-focus and set new goals. Recognise, reflect and appreciate what you have achieved and aim to kick new goals. If you didn’t quite get around to achieving your goals in the summer months, why not get started now!

Accept and adapt – It’s important to accept that the days will start getting colder and shorter as winter approaches. Embrace this and adapt your routine accordingly. You may need to start wearing warmer clothes if you’re exercising outdoors and eventually move indoors for your workouts. You could start trying home workouts or join a gym!

Early bird gets the worm – When transitioning from warmer to cooler months, maintaining a regular exercise routine can help to keep you healthy and well. As days get shorter and it becomes darker in the early evening, don’t leave your exercise until the evening and risk feeling demotivated. Get up early and workout.

Increase your movement – As the weather gets colder, you’re less likely to do outdoor activities which can limit your movement throughout the day. You can create opportunities to get you moving more often even though you’re inside. You could walk on the spot or do lunges while watching television or do sit ups or push ups during the ads. You can walk around as you take phone calls.

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