Homemade mason jar gift ideas

Homemade mason jar gift ideas

There’s something extra special about receiving a homemade gift. Rather than looking for a present, try making something special for your loved one. If you have a spare mason jar, you can use it to store and create many different gifts. We’ve listed some of our favourite mason jar gift ideas below.


If you enjoy cooking, you could prepare something and store it in a mason jar. The best options are usually soups, salads, snacks and condiments. We’ve listed some Hopewood recipes to try:

Recipe mixes

Another popular option is a mason jar recipe mix that the person can prepare themselves. This is wonderful if your loved one enjoys cooking or baking. It tends to work best with recipes that use a lot of dry ingredients such as baked goods, pasta or noodle soups, lentil or bean soups, Mexican chilli and dahls. To prepare, layer the dry ingredients in a mason jar and create a recipe card. Some recipes may require additional ingredients such as water, meat and eggs so you may want to list these items separately. 


We love fresh juices at Hopewood! They are full of nutrients and help to cleanse and heal the body. Help your loved one boost their health by gifting them a healthy juice in a mason jar. Try one of our juice recipes: 


If the person enjoys some pampering, you could prepare a DIY beauty recipe for them and store it in a mason jar. By using natural ingredients and making it yourself, you know it will be free from any nasty chemicals. Try one of our DIY beauty recipes:

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