Health benefits of Echinacea

Echinacea is a well-known, natural remedy for colds and flus. But it also offers an array of other health benefits.

This plant is native to North America and is also known as the purple coneflower. Echinacea refers to a group of flowering plants related to the daisy. The upper parts and roots of the plant can be used for various medicinal purposes.

Packed with phenols, Echinacea has great antioxidant properties. This helps to protect our cells and prevent free radical damage.

In addition to preventing and treating colds and flus, Echinacea can support our immune system to fight off other infections and viruses. This can include respiratory infections, urinary tract and yeast infections.

Several studies have found that Echinacea can reduce inflammation. This can help people who suffer from chronic diseases such as osteoarthritis, by reducing the pain and swelling associated with inflammation.

Echinacea plants can also treat a number of skin conditions and help wounds to heal more quickly. It can lead to an improvement in eczema symptoms and can assist in healing stings and snake bites.

Another potential benefit of Echinacea is treating anxiety. Research has found that certain compounds in Echinacea can help to lower feelings of anxiety.

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