Kickstart your morning

The way we start our morning can set the tone for the rest of our day. It can affect our mood, mindset, health and productivity.

Want some ideas to help you kickstart your healthy morning routine? Try the suggestions below. They are suitable for all fitness levels. Get ready to feel the benefits of a fresher, more energetic version of yourself!

1. Hydrate
The first thing you should do every morning, as soon as you wake up, is drink some water. Starting your day with a big glass of water can help you wake up, kickstart your metabolism and make you feel great. In winter, try hot water with a hint of lemon and grated ginger for extra health benefits.

2. Stretch it out
A bit of morning yoga can really help to unwind those knots and relax your muscles. Take a class or follow along with an online yoga session at home.

3. Hit the gym
It’s been said time and time again, successful people exercise in the morning. Not only does morning exercise have the best effect on your body, it also improves your brain function throughout the day. Morning workouts increase focus and leave time for other priorities for the rest of the day.

4. Say positive affirmations
A positive mind can help you achieve great things throughout your day. Start your day with a simple but powerful statement to help connect your subconscious and conscious mind. Affirmations help you define your focus and open you up to new possibilities while avoiding negative thoughts and self-doubt. Try saying to yourself: “I’m excited about what today can bring”, “I’m strong in mind, body and spirit”, “I create the life I desire”.

5. Go technology free
Spending time on devices can increase our stress and anxiety levels and leave us feeling pessimistic and drained before we have even begun our day. Going technology-free in the morning can help you to create a calm and clear mind so you are better able to take on the day ahead. Eat a protein-rich breakfast and enjoy your morning by sharing it with your family or friends, talking about the day ahead. Socialising with loved ones makes us happier and more confident, helping to boost our mood for the day ahead.

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