Wind down with bedtime yoga

Winding down before bed can do wonders for our sleep. Taking time to relax and let go of everything from the day can help us get a deeper and more peaceful night’s sleep.

We often hear of the benefits of practicing yoga in the morning, but it’s also great to incorporate in our bedtime routine. Here are some of the reasons to try bedtime yoga:

1. Relax
Yoga is a calming practice. It encourages us to breathe deeply, be mindful and slow down our movements. This helps to lower our blood pressure, reduce stress and relax both our mind and body, which all help us to prepare for sleep.

2. Let go of the day
Holding onto things that have happened throughout day can make it difficult for us to switch off and can mean we have trouble falling asleep. Practicing yoga in the evening is a great way to clear our mind and release any negative feelings. It puts us in a peaceful state and helps us to sleep easier.

3. Release aches and pains
It can be challenging to get to sleep when we are experiencing aches and pains. Exercise is one of the best ways to reduce tension in our muscles and joints. While some forms of exercise can stimulate the mind and body and keep us awake, yoga is a gentle practice that does not disrupt our sleep. And it also releases feel good chemicals which can help us sleep more deeply.

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