Are you meeting all your needs?

Our physical needs are only one aspect of our health. To achieve true wellbeing, there are more things involved.

It’s important to consider and give attention to all areas of our lives. Most of us tend to be better at meeting some of our needs but we’re poorer at identifying the other things that need focus and possible adjustments. For example, you may be great at maintaining relationships with friends and family, but poor at managing your work life balance.

If we’re lacking in any one area, we won’t be able to achieve optimal health and wellness. Reflecting on your needs and what you are currently doing to meet them, can help you identify areas where you may need more support.

Below are some questions to help you determine which areas of your life need some extra care and attention.

Are you:
• eating regular and healthy meals?
• sleeping well?
• exercising regularly?

Are you:
• engaging in positive activities?
• celebrating your successes?
• expressing your emotions in a healthy way?

Are you:
• spending time in nature?
• practicing meditation or mindfulness?
• exploring your spiritual beliefs?

Are you:
• engaging in meaningful work?
• maintaining a healthy work life balance?
• managing your time effectively?

Are you:
• maintaining healthy relationships?
• making time for your family, friends and/or partner?
• seeking support from loved ones when you need it?

Are you:
• taking time for yourself?
• learning new skills?
• engaging in activities that stimulate you intellectually?

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