Sing away your stress

There’s something about belting out a tune that can make us feel good. You don’t have to be a pro to enjoy singing. Many of us experience joy when we sing, even if we’re out of key. Singing isn’t just a fun activity. It also offers a whole range of health benefits and can be an effective way to manage stress.

Research has found that singing can actually lower our stress levels. Cortisol – the stress hormone in our bodies – decreases when we’re singing. This happens regardless of whether we’re singing by ourselves or in a group.

Singing also causes our bodies to release endorphins and oxytocin. Endorphins are the chemicals that make us feel good and oxytocin is a hormone that promotes love, trust and belonging. This is why we tend to feel happier and more positive when we sing.

Another way singing helps us to overcome stress is through breath control. To sustain notes while singing, we need to control our breath by using our diaphragm and deepening our breathing. This increases the amount of oxygen in our lungs, triggering our body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which reduces anxiety and helps us to feel relaxed.

And have you ever felt like all your worries and troubles have melted away when you’re singing? When we’re singing, we’re no longer thinking about what’s stressing us out or what we’re going to make for dinner. We embrace the moment – it’s just us and the song! This helps to us to get out of our heads and become present, which in turn reduces our stress.

Whether you like to serenade yourself in the shower, have a sing-along in the car, do karaoke or sing in a group, singing can be a great way to relieve stress! Belt out your favourite song today.

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