The 5:2 pesco-vegetarian diet

The diet will focus on substituting meat with fish and processed and refined foods with a range of minimally processed plant-based foods and will involve fasting for two non-consecutive days a week.

For the first four weeks, fresh-food meal kits with pre-portioned ingredients and recipe cards will be delivered to the participants’ homes by a private company. Dietitians will work with participants during this time to design weekly meal plans in order to transition into preparing their own menus and meals after the first four weeks.

This planning will include providing healthy recipes and nutritional information, and also strategies to help volunteers implement dietary changes and to adhere to the program.

The Hopewood Project

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Our philosophy

The Hopewood lifestyle promotes vegetarianism, natural whole foods, freshly prepared juices and plenty of water, regular exercise and relaxation.

Live better with Hopewood

A vegetarian diet is a healthy way to meet your nutritional needs, if planned well. Find out how this diet can improve health and wellbeing.

Hopewood’s natural health philosophy

Hopewood provided its natural health and wellbeing guidance and support at our health retreat for 55 years. Thousands of guests benefited from learning to live a Hopewood lifestyle….and now you can too!

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