Kick the new year off with a detox


We’ve all overindulged during the festive season at one point or another. Reaching your new year’s resolutions may now seem even further out of reach. But luckily, we have the solution. Starting off the new year with a detox can help to reset your body and bring you one step closer to your goals.

Detoxing is renowned for its health benefits and ability to remove toxins, cleansing the system and improving one’s overall wellbeing. You’ll soon start to feel revitalised and see improvement in areas such as hydration, energy levels, quality of sleep – and more. The best way to begin a detox is through juice or water fasting.

Juice therapy assists to clear metabolic waste products from the body which in turn, accelerates healing and boosts the nervous system. A juice detox ensures you’re still getting nutrient support, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants whilst still cleansing and healing your body.

To help support you through your detox, we’ve prepared some helpful hints:


To alleviate the unpleasant side effects of going from one extreme to another, ensure that you prepare your body for the detox by increasing your intake of water, fruits and vegetables and reducing your consumption of processed foods, animal products, alcohol, and caffeine. 

Plan your detox

As delicious as boxed breakfast juice is, the base of your diet needs to be carefully planned and prepared so that you’re still getting all the vital nutrients your body needs. Depending on your body and your current diet, if you’re completing the detox at home, you should only detox for up to three days. Any longer than this period may result in adverse effects. We also recommend consulting with a naturopath for guidance and support throughout your detox. 

During your detox

Aim to drink juice around every two hours – around six to eight servings depending on your body’s needs. 

Adjust your diet as required. If you’re finding your detox too difficult and are considering quitting, try introducing more solids. Replacing juice for a smoothie, for example. 

Try not to overwork yourself physically. While you are on a juice fast, you are more prone to feeling fatigued and dizzy from exercise. 

If you feel at all as though the detox is having a negative effect on your body, or the cleanse has been prolonged for too long, discontinue and slowly return to solid food. 

After your detox

The same rules apply post-cleanse as they do pre-cleanse – don’t jump from one extreme to another. In the days afterward, maintain your water intake, continue to consume plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoid alcohol, caffeine, animal products and processed foods. Reintroduce solid foods gradually so as to not overwhelm your body. 

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