You’ve set your new year’s resolutions and you’ve started taking action to achieve them. But have you created a vision board? This can be a great tool to support you on your journey and keep you motivated.

A vision board is a visual way to express your goals. It can be a fun way to get clear about what you really want and solidify the ideas in your head. Plus, it can act as a reminder and a source of inspiration. Some also believe vision boards help them manifest what they want in their life. 

Here are some steps to create your vision board:

  1. Write out and prioritise your goals – this can help you become really clear about what you want to achieve. It’s great to identify your biggest goals so you can include them on your vision board.  
  2. Create a structure – how you structure your vision board will be unique to you. You may like to focus on a single goal, have sections to represent the different areas of your life or represent how your future will look and feel.
  3. Find images, words, and colours – now you know what you want include on your vision board, you can find images, words, and colours to represent them. You may like to cut out images from magazines or find them online. 
  4. Craft your vision board – get creative and start arranging your materials on your vision board. You may also like to add some other personal touches such as sketches or handwritten words. 
  5. Put it on display – time to hang your masterpiece somewhere you can see it regularly. It can remind of your goals and give you a motivation boost when you need it.

As you progress through the year, you may find your goals change or you have new insights into what you want. The great thing about your vision board is that you can add and change it as you like.