Eliminate these foods to feel healthier

It’s often said “we are what we eat” and it’s true that if we want to feel healthier then we have to avoid eating certain things.  Here is a simple checklist of foods you should cut down or eliminate completely to help you feel healthier! 

Soft Drinks – Carbonated soft drinks, despite what we’re led to believe, don’t eliminate thirst, or hydrate the body. In fact, due to the high sodium levels, you’re likely to feel even thirstier than before! 

Apart from dehydration, there are countless reasons to say goodbye to soft drinks — the amount of sugar content makes them addictive, a contributor to obesity and harmful to your teeth. For a healthy alternative, try water with a squeeze of lemon or iced herbal teas, or coconut water for a hydrating beverage. 

Deep Fried Food – Foods cooked at high temperatures create a substance called acrylamide, which when consumed regularly, can have a negative impact on our health. Deep fried foods are also high in fats, calories, and salt. 

Addicted to fried potato chips? Try slicing up a sweet potato and baking it for a nutritious alternative.

Excessive Alcohol – We all know excessive alcohol is bad for us and can lead to many health problems such as cirrhosis of the liver, cancers, high blood pressure and many others. 

This year, cut down on alcohol consumption and be aware of what you’re drinking. Instead of spirits and beer, try switching to a sparking non-alcoholic wine!

Canned Soups – This may come as a surprise to many, but most canned soups you buy from a supermarket have high levels of artificial preservatives and flavours like MSG, sodium, and trans-fats. 

Want to try make your own soup at home? Lifestyle – Hopewood’s recipe for wellbeing has plenty of delicious mouth-watering recipes that are also very good for you. Grab your copy here.

Remember to love your body and treat it well—it does a lot for us!

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