Embracing World Health Day

World Health Day is celebrated annually and was created by the World Health Organization. It invites us to consider all elements of health and this year the theme is, ‘our planet, our health’.

This theme is designed to bring attention to the actions needed to keep humans and the planet healthy. It’s all about creating a healthier tomorrow.

We have some great ideas to get involved and make the most of this important day:


When it comes to a day like World Health Day, knowledge is power. Take some time to read the facts surrounding the topic and think about how you can help create a better future. Start conversations with those around you and spread the important message. 

Exercise outdoors

On a day that is all about our planet and health, combine the two with some exercise outdoors. Take in the beauty of mother nature and understand the importance of protecting the environment. Maybe you want to gather some friends and go for a hike or do some yoga in the fresh air. 

Create delicious and nutritious recipes

Consider what healthy meals you might want to create. Maybe you’ll make a salad with lots of protein or a wholesome soup. Try and avoid too many unhealthy treats today and keep up your water intake. 


Meditation allows us to slow down our minds and take time away from our busy routines. Mental health should always be a priority and meditation can do wonders for our wellbeing. Try and get outdoors for your meditation, breathe in fresh air and listen to the natural sounds around you.

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