Hidden gems to explore in Australia

We all know the major tourist attractions in Australia but across such a vast country it can be easy to forget some of the less visited gems. Now that we are all getting back to travelling, we’ve selected five hidden gems you might like to explore across Australia. 

1. Undara Volcanic National Park, QLD

The Undara Volcanic National Park is in the Shire of Etheridge, Queensland, approximately 255km southwest of Cairns, but it’s well worth the journey. You will be blown away by the cave systems! The park is home to the longest lava tube in Australia as well as unique flora and fauna. There is plenty to do in the park. The Kalkani Crater rim walk is one of the most popular walks, providing extensive views across lava plains. We also highly recommend booking in for the Chillagoe Cave tour.  

2. Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pools, NSW

The Yarrangobilly Caves Thermal Pools is situated in the Kosciuszko National Park, just three hours from Canberra. There is plenty to do for everyone. The pool itself is mildly mineralised and at a constant 27°celsius all year round. A swim in the outdoor natural thermal pool is truly a magical and rejuvenating experience. You can also enjoy a picnic, bushwalk and cave tour. 

3. Pink Lakes, Murray Sunset National Park, VIC

The name says it all, the Pink Lakes are a unique and must-see attraction. Located within the Murray Sunset National Park, two hours from Mildura, in a remote and unspoilt area. The lakes draw photographers from all over the world and you’ll want to have your camera handy! You can explore the area by four-wheel drive, canoe after rain, take lots of different walks, camp and enjoy a spectacular sunset. 

4. Hammersley Gorge, WA

The Hammersley Gorge features layered rock formations along a sleep gorge with impressive waterfalls and pools for swimming. It’s in the Karinji National Park which showcases incredible natural landscapes. The walk down to the pool is well worth it. You will feel the tranquillity of your surroundings and be invigorated by the natural beauty as you immerse yourself in the clear refreshing waters. 

5. Little Blue Lake, SA

The Little Blue Lake is a short distance from Mount Gambier in South Australia. It is quite rare yet simple volcanic sinkhole in the middle of a paddock that members of the public can swim in. While visiting this area, it is well worth heading to the larger Blue Lake in Mount Gambier. You will be amazed at the natural beauty and cliffs in the Kanawinka Volcanic Area. 

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