Garden prep for spring

Winter is nearly over, which means the weather will soon be warmer and flowers blooming. Now is also the perfect time to begin preparing your garden for spring. This will allow you to be able to spend lots of time in your garden during sunny spring days.


Purchase and organise seeds

Now is the time to start deciding what seeds you aim to plant. You can purchase your seeds online or speak to a local garden centre to see what will grow best. Planting too late can result in immature crops, so it is important to pay close attention to the maturation dates. Creating a garden log or journal is useful to track your garden progress.


Start collecting rainwater

It might feel too early to think about watering your garden, but summer rainfall can be unpredictable. Collecting rainfall in either a water tank or containers ensures you won’t need to waste water later on. 


Add compost to your garden

Adding the right types and amount of compost to you garden can greatly improve your garden. Not only does it serve to benefit the health of the soil, it can improve water drainage as well, if that is an issue in your garden. You can either buy compost locally or make your own with kitchen and garden scraps. 


Do a garden clean up

A garden clean up is always useful, and we recommend doing it now! Some ways to start include:

  • Going around the edges and pulling out weeds
  • Maintain garden paths
  • Remove debris from last season and add it to your compost pile
  • Start putting out states where you imagine your plants going, the sooner the better. 


Happy gardening.

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