The four R’s to reviving your digestive system

Reviving your digestive system

Having a healthy digestive system is important for good health. If your digestion is working well, it makes you feel more energetic and helps you perform at your desired level.


If you’re feeling down or lethargic after eating, you may need a digestive boost. Following the Hopewood Lifestyle is a great start!  Try these four steps to help you kick-start your digestive system.




Many foods are highly acidic and can be toxic for the digestive system, causing it to function less efficiently. The Hopewood diet recommends removing toxins such as coffee, alcohol, processed foods and processed fats. These foods can irritate parts of the digestive system, cause inflammation and slow digestion.



It’s important to heal and repair the lining of the digestive system following any damage. Sticking to a healthy, vegetarian diet naturally helps repair the digestive tract. Eating healing spices like turmeric and good fats, such as those found in nuts and avocadoes, can also help. Cleansing your system with a few days of juice fasting, which allows your digestive system to rest, can also be very helpful in repairing your digestive health.


Restore your good bacteria

Having enough good bacteria in your system is essential to healthy digestion. Good bacteria are naturally found in foods such as yoghurt, soft cheese, miso soup and sourdough bread. Eating these will help to kill the bad bacteria.



Eating a nutritious, balanced diet full of vitamins, minerals and natural salts will replace the good nutrients and enzymes that might be lacking in your digestive system.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply the Four R’s and start improving your digestive system today!

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