New year resolutions

We have nearly reached the end of 2022 and with a new year on the horizon you may already have thought up some New Year’s resolutions. 


The New Year for many of us represents a fresh start and gives us a chance to leave old habits behind and consider the things we see as most important going forward.  New Year’s resolutions are the things we are determined to do or goals we set at the beginning of each year. 


You might be wondering how to make your New Year’s resolutions successful. Here are our suggestions:


1.Start small

Massive changes can be overwhelming and difficult to track. Your goals should be specific and measurable, not big and vague. If you select a few small and meaningful goals, that align with your bigger commitments, you are more likely to make progress and feel more satisfied along the way.


2.Recruit a friend

Compare goals with a friend and see if you have any that align- these may surround physical health, finance or lifestyle changes. Partnering with a friend and checking in regularly with one another will help you both stay accountable and motivated. 


3.Create a strategy

Preparation can have the biggest impact on how likely you are to stick with your resolutions to create new long term habits. Determine what you will need to do to keep your goald in focus and create contingency plans if you go off track. 


4.Don’t make perfection the goal

Progress is always better than perfection. It’s hard to do something perfectly all the time. Aim to gradually increase changes. For example, if you want to meditate every day when you have never tried to before, start by aiming to meditate three days a week for ten minutes at a time. 


5.Write it down

A key to making goals happen can be to write them down. Not only are you more likely to remember it but you will see it as more important. You can also cross it off when it’s done. 


If you don’t have any ideas, we have some fantastic New Year’s resolution suggestions:

  • Drink more water
  • Try a juice cleanse
  • Make more time to see loved ones
  • Prioritise your mental health
  • Get out in nature as often as you can
  • Give more to charity
  • Complete random acts of kindness


Wishing everyone a wonderful 2023!

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