A summer meditation

Summer can be an exciting time with lots of fun-filled activities. However, all this busyness can leave you feeling flustered and overwhelmed. It can be difficult to find the time and space to slow down and recharge. 

We recommend you take 10-minutes each day to try and engage in meditation. It will allow you to feel balanced and energised for the rest of your day.

Meditation is a very personal experience and we all have different techniques that work for us. You may choose to listen to a guided meditation or simply close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Our tips for a summer meditation include:

  • find a comfortable position outdoors in the shade
  • notice the sounds around you: beach waves, wind in the trees, birds chirping
  • focus on your breathing, slowly inhale and exhale through your nose
  • switch it up, try different meditation techniques
  • notice when your mind has wandered, but be kind to your wandering mind
  • notice your body

You can meditate at any time of the day,  but it can be most beneficial to meditate first thing in the morning. This means you can start your day with a positivity boost. Don’t get discouraged if meditation doesn’t have the effect you are after straight away, it takes time and practice. Meditation is all about focusing on yourself and letting go of distractions for a set, short period of time. 

Enjoy getting outdoors for meditation this summer. 

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