Our gardens can experience all sorts of conditions during summer so it’s important to look after them. It can be unbearably hot to do too much intensive gardening, so make the most of the cooler mornings and evenings. 

Here are some tasks to ensure your garden is looking its best this summer:

1. Freshen up your garden

Give your garden beds a fresh layer of mulch and freshly trim your lawns. It’s recommended to move your lawn to a higher setting for the hottest months. Longer grass can wear better and deter weeds in the warm months. 

2. Water in the cooler parts of the day

Avoid watering your garden in the scorching sun. Instead, water during the cooler parts of the day, the early morning or late evening is usually best. 

3. Be water-wise

Water is a valuable resource and it’s important not to waste it. Ensure your hoses and irrigation are free of blockages or holes. Also check rain run-off is directed to rainwater tanks and the openings are covered with mesh.  Using mulch and Waterwise Storage Crystals helps plants withstand dry weather conditions and infrequent watering.

4. Feed you plants

Feed your plants, preferably with seaweed-based solutions. 

5. Shelter new plants

If you have just put new plants in your garden, including fruit and vegetable seedlings, they need time to adjust to the sun. Provide them with some protection using a shade-cloth for at least a week or two after planting.

6. Cover up

When working outdoors in the summer months ensure you stay hydrated, wear a hat, cover up with long sleeves and apply sunscreen to any exposed parts of skin.

Enjoy getting out in the garden.