Getting into rowing

Row boating is a great way to exercise and marvel at nature. Rowing can be a soothing sport, especially in the early morning calm water in a peaceful setting. Being on the water is both relaxing and motivating. Rowing is an excellent form of exercise which offers a tremendous amount of physical health benefits, including increased power and strength. 

Benefits of Rowing:

  1. 30 minutes of rowing enhances your lungs’ ability to provide oxygen to your blood, heart, and body
  2. Rowing exercises all the major muscle groups with a relatively safe and sustainable athletic motion
  3. Rowing works out the whole body – focusing on the lower and middle back, hamstrings, calves, gluteal muscles, and biceps
  4. Rowing assists with weight loss, burning up to 2,500 kilojoules per hour

Getting Started.

It’s advisable for first time rowers to take rowing lessons until you’re comfortable and competent. There are several safety precautions that ensure you remain alive and well. This includes being able to swim at least 100 metres, or wearing a “Personal Flotation Device” at all times.  You must also understand and obey the traffic rules, restrictions, and hazards of all waterways on which you intend to row, train or race. Asses the weather conditions before rowing, such as super cold waters, storms, fast running water as well as the impacts of extreme heat and sun. 

Depending on where you live, there are a multitude of rowing schools and clubs where you can sign up for lessons. 

If you can’t get near the water then there are usually rowing machines at the gym, it just doesn’t come with the same scenery and fresh air as a waterway!

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