Turn your small good habits into a long-term healthy lifestyle


To help keep you healthy this year, we’ve put together some of our top wellness tips. Start today and make this part of your lifestyle!

Remember to hydrate!
Starting each day with a big glass of water is a great way to wake-up your digestive system. Some fresh lemon squeezed into the water will help cleanse and kickstart your system too. Water is essential to hydrate your body, particuarly during the hotter summer months. Your body needs more water than most of us realise, so start replacing that morning coffee with H2O today.

Eat fruit at breakfast
Fruits, such as berries, are highly nutritious and can help improve brain function, kick-start your immune system and improve your overall health. They can also help keep you fuller for longer. We recommend adding at least half a cup of fresh fruit to your oatmeal, fresh juice or natural yoghurt every morning.

Keep it green
Committing to at least one green vegetable at every meal is a great way to stay healthy without much thought. For instance, add a cup of spinach to your brekky juice and some broccoli to your salad at lunchtime. Just make sure it’s natural and green. Green vegetables help to alkalize your body, improving your mental wellness. They also help build our immune system to protect us against nasty diseases.

Cook for yourself
When you prepare your own meals you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. This helps keep you away from unhealthy fast food restaurants and increases your knowledge of food. An added bonus is the money you can save too.

Pick herbs
Next time you find yourself reaching for the saltshaker, add herbs instead. This will help increase the flavour of the meal without adding salt. We recommend adding some cinnamon or cardamom to your breakfast, or some turmeric to your lunch. This will help reduce uncomfortable bloating and can promote blood pressure reduction.

Health and wellness is attainable, you just have to commit to making small changes and better daily choices. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to positive lifelong improvements!

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