Losing weight: A beginner’s guide

People gain weight for many reasons, however in our experience it occurs as a result of bad digestion, stress, poor food and lifestyle choices.

It’s not about ‘dieting’ its about healthy food choices

If you want to lose weight the most important thing is to make the right food choices. It’s not about counting calories and weighing meals. It is all about establishing the guidelines and allowing your body to gradually adjust to its healthy natural weight.

We recommend a high water based diet, including plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables that naturally balance out our diet. Until you reach your goal weight you should also steer away from high carb, calorie dense vegetables, such as potatoes.

We also recommend food combining which is the most effective way to restore gut health. Food combining focuses on eating foods that combine together well, removing strain on your digestive system, allowing more efficient digestion.


Exercise is key to weight loss. Our muscles are our metabolisers, so the higher the muscle and the lower the fat, the better your body will be. While you’re going through your weight transformation you may occasionally feel a bit weak or your blood pressure might drop. If that is the case, simple gentle exercise is recommended. However, when your body is ready you should seek out more intensive exercise activity.

Interval training is particularly effective. This involves short bursts of high intensity exercise, for 30 seconds perhaps, followed by periods of rest, for a minute or two. As fitness improves, the type and duration of exercise can be extended.

Cardiovascular exercise is also beneficial to your vascular health, which is really important for lung health and your VO2 Max (the amount of oxygen your body is capable of using in a minute). In order to lose weight you have to build muscle so the aim is to try and increase the amount of muscle your body holds in comparison to the fat.

When you get your food choices and exercise right everything sets naturally into place – you’ll just start eating as much as your body needs. It’s about laying the right foundations so great habits can form.

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