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  • Lift your yoga practice with these breathing techniques

    Yoga is a fantastic way to strengthen, lengthen and relax the body and mind. A big part of a good yoga practice is the focus and attention that is placed on breathing. To empower your yoga practice, try incorporating the techniques below to improve and heighten your next yoga practice. To improve your technique, you [… Read the full article.]

  • Mushroom, spinach and sweet potato patties

    Quick, easy, and full of flavour. These delicious and nutritious patties can be assembled with a few simple and healthy ingredients to satisfy the whole family – perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Ingredients: • 1 sweet potato, peeled • 2 flat mushrooms, de-stemmed, scraped and chopped • 4 button mushrooms, de-stemmed and chopped • [… Read the full article.]

  • Transform the way you sleep

    Transform the way you sleep

    As everyone gets older, it sometimes becomes harder to achieve enough quality sleep each night. You’re either too busy (or too distracted) to fall asleep early, you can’t seem to sleep in, or you’re not sleeping well. Either way, there are methods you can use to improve the length and quality of your sleep! Routine [… Read the full article.]

  • Four ways to instantly boost your mood

    Four ways to instantly boost your mood

    If you’ve been snapping at those close to you lately, or feel thrown off by small disruptions in your day, like missing the express train, someone stealing your car park, or forgetting your keep cup – it may be time for a breather. One of the simplest, healthiest ways to overcome a case of the [… Read the full article.]

  • Summer in a Bowl: couscous with sunflower seeds

    Summer in a Bowl: couscous with sunflower seeds

    This fiber-rich recipe is packed with heart-healthy fats found in sunflower seeds and anti-inflammatory herbs such as turmeric and cumin. Enjoy as a side or add to any green salad to help keep you satiated for longer. Ingredients: · 2 table spoons of olive oil · 1 ½ cups cooked couscous · 1 teaspoon fennel [… Read the full article.]


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