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  • How gardening can be a great workout

    How gardening can be a great workout

    Reconnecting with nature is part of Hopewood’s core philosophy. This can be easily achieved in your very own garden. Gardening is great fun and an easy way start to introduce organic veggies into your diet. It can also be a great way to increase physical activity. Today, we explore gardening as an exercise and why [… Read the full article.]

  • Sustainable clothing, what to look for

    Sustainable clothing, what to look for

    Clothing should be safe for people and the planet. When clothing is made through sustainable practices, we help reduce the harm inflicted on our environment while still looking on trend. From the pesticides the soils are fertilised with when we grow the fabric fibres to the intensive manufacturing processes. There is also a high level [… Read the full article.]

  • Bath salts, what, why, where, and how

    Bath salts, what, why, where, and how

    We have all heard of bath salts, but precisely what are they? Why should you use them? Where should you use them and how do they work? Today we explore bath salts, also known as Epsom salts or magnesium sulphate, to answer those questions and more! Bath salts are easily dissolvable salts which contain a [… Read the full article.]

  • Tree Hugger Juice
  • The natural skincare cleanser

    The natural skincare cleanser

    No matter what your skincare needs are, cleansing should be the obvious and essential first step in your regular skincare routine. Your morning routine should focus around protection and prevention and your evening routine should focus on repairing. Throughout the day, our skin is exposed to impurities such as dirt and oil which can and [… Read the full article.]


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