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  • Sea vegetables, nutrients from under the sea

    Sea vegetables, nutrients from under the sea

    From brown algae, wakame, arame to kelp, nori and spirulina – sea vegetables are having their moment in the spotlight. You might find them popping up on menus and dominating the seafood section at your local grocery store this year. Dubbed one of the biggest health food trends for 2019, we’re exploring why the world [… Read the full article.]

  • A springtime delight – beet borscht

    A springtime delight – beet borscht

    Borscht is a beautifully rich, colourful soup based on (arguably) a Russian classic. Traditionally served hot, this dish can also be served cold – perfect during the warmer months, as a refreshing, nutritious and flavour-packed alternative. Borscht recipes can range from very simple beetroot broths to elaborate preparations involving beans, potatoes and more. Below we share [… Read the full article.]

  • Weighted blankets

    Weighted blankets: finding a weigh to sleep better

    Weighted blankets are lined with evenly distributed weight. The weight varies based on who the intended user is and the size of the blanket. Manufactures design this particular type of blanket to be warm and to provide gentle, even pressure to your body. This pressure imitates “deep pressure touch stimulation,” or “a hug”. Ultimately, deep [… Read the full article.]

  • Water exercise – What you waiting for?

    Water exercise – What you waiting for?

    As we breeze on into spring, and the days become warmer and longer, the idea of jumping back into the pool or ocean becomes a realistic weekend option! With this in mind, we explore the concept of water exercises, their benefits and some tips to get started. Studies have found regular aquatic exercise helps improve [… Read the full article.]

  • Anti inflammatory oils

    Anti inflammatory oils

    Essential oils are made from the liquid essence of plants and have long been used to provide many health benefits, from aiding stress, increasing relaxation and improving sleep quality to anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Inflammation can cause redness and swelling and can be caused by an injury or infection. A range of severe health [… Read the full article.]


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