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  • Revitalise your hands

    Revitalise your hands

    As you age, you may notice your hands start to have signs of obviously ageing too. To help keep your hands looking youthful, try these Hopewood tips for youthful skin. Apply 50+ sunscreen.  Applying sunscreen to your hands each day can help reduce the amount of damaging sun exposure your hands receive. Avoid soap. Soap [… Read the full article.]

  • Tasty steamed vegetables
  • Why are salt, sugar and fat so addictive?

    Why are salt, sugar and fat so addictive?

    Adding sugar, salt and fat to food makes perfect sense from the point of view of the fast food industry. These ingredients drive over-consumption of the foods and beverages they’re added to; they’re cheap and readily available, which maximises profit. The food industry employs scientists to study, in great detail, the way the unholy trinity [… Read the full article.]

  • Warming vegetarian soup
  • Natural stress relief with herbal tea

    Natural stress relief with herbal tea

    With our busy schedules it gets hard not to stress out in one way or another. In many cases of stress and anxiety, people will turn to prescription medicine to help cope. Although medicine can provide temporary relief, there are many natural and cheaper alternatives. Herbal tea is a great alternative. Tealeaves boiled into water [… Read the full article.]



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