The Hopewood lifestyle promotes vegetarianism, natural whole foods, freshly prepared juices and plenty of water, regular exercise and relaxation. It also emphasises the power of fresh air and spending time in our natural environment.

In the 21st century western lifestyle, our modern diet, high stress levels, lack of exercise and abundance of man-made chemicals have very real impacts on our health and wellbeing. Hopewood’s philosophy promotes natural healing and holistic health using fresh natural foods and fresh juices to address deterioration in our health.

Hopewood agrees wholeheartedly with the old adage “you are what you eat”! We believe food is our medicine. Our abundant experience demonstrates that fresh natural food, in a predominantly ovo-lacto vegetarian diet, is the best way to achieve and maintain wellbeing.

The Hopewood lifestyle starts with good digestive health. It’s the foundation of Hopewood’s natural health philosophy!

Here, you really can take the first step towards achieving sustainable health and wellbeing.

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Hopewood Wisdom

Hopewood’s proven natural health philosophy and wellbeing wisdom, passed down over 55 years at Australia’s original health retreat, is here to help you lead a healthy and happy life.

Take care of yourself

It’s important to make time to rest and recharge. Meditation and massage are two great ways to unwind.

Nourish your body

Fuel your body with wholesome foods. Our diet should include mostly raw, plant based whole foods. Even better if they’re low fat and high fibre.

Get moving

Want to feel energetic and maintain a healthy weight? Find
 a form of exercise you love, and make it a regular part of your life.

Reconnect with nature

Awaken your senses and step outside for some fresh clean air. Feel fresh grass underfoot or take a bush walk.

Keep it natural

Where possible, reduce your intake of sugar and processed foods, especially processed carbohydrates.

Live better with Hopewood

A vegetarian diet is a healthy way to meet your nutritional needs, if planned well. Find out how this diet can improve health and wellbeing. Vegetarian diets continue to increase in popularity. The reasons people choose a vegetarian diet vary – from reducing the risk of disease, to supporting a cleaner, greener environment or animal welfare concerns.

Hopewood’s natural health philosophy

Hopewood provided its natural health and wellbeing guidance and support at our health retreat for 55 years. Thousands of guests benefited from learning to live a Hopewood lifestyle….and now you can too!

Eric Storm

Eric Storm AM, renowned investor, stockbroker, entrepreneur and philanthropist, attributed his 103 years’ long life to adopting a natural health lifestyle in the 1930s, after suffering a serious heart attack. Mr Storm became a passionate advocate for healthy living and a founding Director of Hopewood Health Retreat.

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