Reconnect with nature

Reconnecting with nature can help you unwind, clear your mind, heal your body and even boost creativity. Who doesn’t enjoy the sensation of warm sun on their skin or that invigorating feeling of fresh air in their lungs?

We recommend spending some time in nature each day. It will help you achieve a sense of natural wellbeing. It’s a key aspect of the Hopewood lifestyle.

Yes of course its better to do this in a peaceful natural spot….but it can be as simple as walking barefoot on some fresh grass.

There are also many gentle exercises you can do in nature to help release your stress and increase your body’s ability to relax properly. The most important thing is to enjoy the activity. Walking through nature is particularly recommended….in bushland, along a beach, beside a creek or through a park. If you don’t have time during your busy week try to make some time on the weekends to enjoy a longer period in a natural environment.

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