The importance of relaxation

The mantra of too much work and not enough play is becoming more and more apparent in our busy lives. Practicing the art of relaxation is essential to achieving work/life balance. Relaxation doesn’t have to be a discipline or a chore; it’s simply taking time out to focus on you.

Relaxation has many benefits. It helps keep stress levels down, improves overall mental health and gives the brain time to repair.

Not enough relaxation can lead to serious health problems, including digestive issues, memory failure, mood swings and even heart attack.

There are many easy ways we can fit relaxation into our lifestyles. A little bit of down time each day can make a big difference to your whole outlook on life. A short stroll outdoors, five minutes sitting quietly and breathing deeply, or listening to soothing music are all great ways to incorporate relaxation into our daily routines.

There a many gentle exercises you can do to help release your stress and increase your body’s ability to relax properly. The most important thing is to enjoy the activity. Getting back to nature with a walk through grassy parkland, natural bushland, along a beach, beside a lake or other waterway is particularly recommended for is relaxation effects.

Here are some other great activities to help you achieve relaxation:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Light aerobics
  • Stretching, and
  • Dancing.

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