The benefits of gentle exercise

If you think it’s time to ditch your sneakers and give-up on exercising because it all just seems too hard – please think again! There are so many benefits and gentle exercise can be easy and fun.

Staying active, albeit at a leisurely pace, will maintain bone mass, increase flexibility and cardio fitness; and these are only some of the physical side effects. By following a gentle exercise program, you can also reduce stress and enhance self-esteem.

There are several ways to include gentle exercise in your daily lifestyle. Household chores, gardening, mowing the lawn, walking, dancing and going for a swim will all raise your heart rate and increase your circulation.

Tai Chi, Yoga and Aqua aerobics are particularly beneficial because they increase co-ordination, balance and muscle strength.

The trick is to find something that suits you. If you choose something you enjoy you’re more likely to stick with it. Regular exercise is too important to your wellbeing to ignore. Do some today!

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