Outdoors, meditation and mindfulness

Why being outdoors important

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you’ve spent some time in nature, away from the concrete jungle? The senses are soothed and nourished and we feel more at peace. That’s when we are more likely to have an ‘a ha!’ moment about who we are and what we need to do for ourselves.

It’s SO important to get out into nature and connect with the elements – the sky above, the air around us, the earth under our feet, water in a river, lake or the ocean.

If your wellness matters to you then you should make the commitment to spend more time walking to the nearest park or into natural surrounds near your home. Or start up a garden project and plant some herbs and flowers.

The outdoors is ideal for meditation

The whole concept of meditation is to be able to withdraw the senses from the external world to the internal world. The easiest way to enter that personal space is to limit sensory distractions as much as possible. Choose a place where you feel at peace so your senses can feel rested. A natural environment is usually best, but if you can’t be outside you could visualise yourself in a beautiful natural scene. If you can allow all the elements of nature to restore you then you are in an ideal starting point for your mediation practice.

What is mindfulness and where’s the best place to practice it? 

Mindfulness is the art of bringing your whole attention to the moment you are experiencing. It helps the body cope more effectively with difficult or painful feelings, throughs or sensations.

Mindfulness can be practiced absolutely anywhere. Take a walk and engage all the senses as different experiences come into your sensory field – the sounds under your feet with each step; the sight of the leaves on the trees and the clouds in the sky; stop and really notice anything that attracts your attention in more detail than you normally would; listen to all of the various sounds going on around you – the close by and the far away – the dominant and the subtle.

Remember to breath regularly and deeply….and r-e-l-a-x.

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