The seven steps to self-healing

Why do we need to self-heal? The mind is an incredibly powerful force. Whether your body has physical, mental or emotional ailments these basic principles help us make the right choices and think in a more healthy, positive and productive way.

1. Listen to your body
Your body is incredibly intuitive; sometimes it only takes the time and patience to listen.

2. Let your body heal itself
Your body is constantly healing, maintaining and restoring itself. From a broken heart to a scrape or bruise, let your body do what it does best and let it heal in its own time.

3. Trust yourself
Trust that you are doing the right thing. Listening to your body is not enough by itself if you do not truly believe in the decisions you’ve made. Trust your judgement, trust your body, trust yourself.

4. It’s all natural
The process of healing is not always a quick one but know that your body is an efficient and intelligent energy system. It moves with grace and elasticity, one fluid continuous movement that adheres to your inner energy.

5. Be one with the universe
Just like the turning of the waves against the pull of the moon, our bodies are in tune with the microcosm of the universe. We shift and bend as a smaller cog in a universal clock, designed to change and move with the good times and the bad.

6. A happy life is a healthy life
Your body is a stranger to stress. It is only when we introduce a poor diet, fail to exercise or make other unhealthy life choices that the body’s optimal efficiency is compromised. When we reach the height of vitality and joy, the body produces a natural healthy amount of dopamine, often mistaken for an adrenaline rush. This natural “hum” improves and awakens the body and results in a happier, healthier way of life.

7. Give thanks
It’s important to thank yourself and appreciate the challenging work you’ve put into becoming the best version of you. Express gratitude to those who have supported, enabled and encouraged you through all those tough times.

Love, compassion and kindness are the stepping-stones to leading a fuller and brighter life. Place love into yourself and onto those around you who pass it onto you. Breathe the energy of life for a better you.

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