Wake up with yoga

Some of us are morning people and some of us are night owls. But regardless of your leanings, a short yoga session in the morning is beneficial to everyone. Here’s an easy gentle sequence that will get your day off to a stellar start.

1) You can begin the sequence by clearing your mind through a short meditation. Simply spend a few minutes, sitting on the floor in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and become aware of the sound of your breath. Stay in this space for a few minutes or until you’re ready to come out.

2) Next, begin a gentle set of sun salutations. Move at your own pace. By bringing your head, arms and legs into positions they don’t normally spend the rest of the day, you reinvigorate the body helping it wake up.

3) If you’re feeling up to it, try some balance postures. Go into tree posture by bringing each leg up onto the opposite thigh. If possible, bring your hands together at your chest and for even more of a challenge bring both hands above your head.

Give these simple steps a go and see what a difference it makes in your day!

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