10 steps to a healthy new year – Part two

Make 2019 your healthiest year it can be! In this and our last article we give you 10 easy ways to look after your health.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff
Stress can lead to poor quality sleep, skipping meals and/or overeating. If you get stressed easily, try some breathing exercises to relax your system. Stress is all about perception, so next time you feel stressed ask yourself – is it really worth the worry? Helpful tip – treat yourself to a massage every now and again.

7. Have a snack
Eating snacks throughout the day keeps your blood sugar levels stable, and prevents overeating at meal times. Quality snacks include veggie sticks and humus, rye crispbread or rice crackers with avocado or cottage cheese, plain popcorn, a mug of soup, or low fat low sugar yoghurt.

8. Eat lunch
It’s easy to work through lunch, especially if you are in a busy or stressful work environment. People who skip lunch tend to eat and drink later at night, go to bed later and wake up feeling tired.

9. Treat yourself
Try to do something special for yourself. It could be a luxurious bath, curling up with a good book, a walk in the garden to smell the roses and listen to the birds or watching your favourite movie.

10. Break bad habits
Unhealthy eating is often just a bad habit. It’s easy to fall into a routine of eating unhealthy foods, always finishing your meal and ordering dessert even though you feel full. The key to breaking any habit is to do it slowly. Gradually remove one or two bad foods, such as chocolate or chips, and replace them with vegetables and fruit.

Do something for yourself this New Year and make the time to care for your wellbeing and make the right life choices for you.

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