Kiss chapped lips goodbye

Whether you’re facing harsh winds, exposed a lot to the beating sun, or simply feeling run down, your lips can easily become dehydrated, dry, swollen, chapped, cracked, burnt, and/or tight. Treating your lips to a weekly scrub can help you avoid pain and discomfort, and leave you with softer, primed and hydrated peckers.
So what’s in a lip scrub and how do they work? Lip scrubs offer many benefits for the makeup minimalist and the lipstick maven alike, but let’s start with the basics.

Lip scrubs generally contain two components: an emollient and an exfoliate. The emollient creates the hydrating base for the exfoliate, making the product easier to apply to the lips. Emollients in lip scrubs are typically light plant seed butters or oils.

Try combining one emollient and one exfoliate from the below lists:

  • Emollients:

    Coconut oil
    Almond oil
    Avocado oil

  • Exfoliates:

    Coffee grounds
    Raw sugar
    Ground walnuts
    Ground almonds

It’s important to remember your lips are soft and delicate features of the face, so when using a scrub follow these helpful tips:

• Be gentle: Don’t exfoliate too hard or for too long (rub your lips together for no more than 2-3 minutes)
• Don’t over do it: Limit your lip scrub routine to once a week
• Moisturize: To keep lips soft, hydrated and healthy, always apply a rich lip balm or moisturizer after exfoliating.

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