Four ways to kick-start your morning

Have you heard the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm’? The key to happiness, health and success just may stem from how we begin our day. How we begin our morning can lead to healthier choices throughout the day and increase your productivity.

Wondering how to kick-start your healthy morning routine? Well, fortunately there are many things you can do that are suitable for all fitness levels. Try the suggestions below and start to feel the benefits of becoming a fresher, more energetic version of yourself.

1. Start your morning with a stretch.
A bit of morning yoga can go a long way to unwind those knots and relax your muscles. Take a class or follow some techniques yourself with a little help from YouTube and other online yoga sources.

2. Hydrate.
The first thing you should do every morning as soon as you wake up is to drink some water. Starting your day with a big glass of water can help you wake up, kick-start your metabolism and make you feel great. In winter, try hot water with a hint of lemon and grated ginger for maximum benefits.

3. Start your morning with positive affirmation.
A positive mind can help you achieve great things throughout your day. Start your day with a simple but powerful statement that helps you connect your subconscious and conscious mind. Affirmations help you define your focus and open you up to new possibilities all the while avoiding negative thoughts and self-doubt. Try saying to yourself: “I am excited about what today can bring”, “I am strong in mind body and spirit”, “I create the life I desire”.

4. Go technology free.
Since most of us spend the majority of our day in front of the computer, spend the morning technology-free. Enjoy your morning sharing a protein-rich breakfast with the family, talking about the day ahead. Bonus tip: Make every meal a phone-free occasion. Socialising with our family and loved ones makes us happier, more confident and have a greater sense of belonging.

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