Jump for joy: The new fitness trend that could improve your health

If you think jumping on a trampoline is child’s play, think again. Trampoline exercise has become one of the latest fitness crazes helping keep people in shape while having fun.

So, what makes jumping on a trampoline so effective? Jumping on the trampoline, or rebounding, has unique benefits compared to other forms of exercise. It involves increasing our “G-force” which is the force created on the body as a result of gravity.

When you jump on the trampoline, you accelerate and decelerate on each jump. All 638 muscles are engaged in this process. They alternately flex and relax, toning the whole muscular system, whilst also stimulating every cell, producing some of the best healing and rejuvenating effects exercise can offer.

There are many ways to jump on a trampoline. In fact, your feet don’t even have to leave the trampoline. Simple bounces can also yield tremendous benefits.

Jumping higher will increase the G force, and in turn activate a more intense landing. Changing up between pulses and higher jumps will get your blood flowing and keep your body guessing.

Here are our favourite, top three benefits of jumping on a trampoline:

1. Helps increase bone density
Regular trampolining or rebounding helps to increase bone density and maintain bone mass, particularly for older adults. Increased bone density can help prevent osteoporosis.

2. Helps strengthen cells throughout the entire body
Rebounding causes the trillion of cells in the body to move up and down. The stress of gravity and G-force on each individual cell causes it to adjust to the increased load by becoming stronger, which can ultimately increase cell energy and mitochondrial function.

3. Helps enhance immunity to ward off infections and prevent diseases
Studies have shown that an increase in G-force helps increase human lymphocyte activity. Lymphocytes are important because they are specialised white blood cells which defend the body against illnesses and diseases by combating invading viruses and bacteria as well as cancerous cells.

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