How to prevent overeating during holiday


During the holidays, we’re often surrounded by an abundance food with more time to enjoy it and are tempted by treats we don’t usually have throughout the year. It’s possible to enjoy food and treat yourself without overeating.

We’ve listed some ways to prevent overeating during the holidays:

Drink plenty of water – we’re less likely to feel hungry when we’re properly hydrated. If you’re feeling tempted to snack, try drinking a glass of water.
Use a smaller plate – it can be all too easy to fill up your plate at a gathering. You won’t be able to fit as much food on a smaller plate so it can help you to control your portion sizes.
Take your time to eat – eat slowly and chew your food as much you can. This will help you to recognise when you’re full and is better for your digestion. You can also savour the food and enjoy it more.
Reframe your thoughts – by changing our thoughts, we can resist the urge to overindulge. For example, if you can’t finish your food you may think ‘I better eat it because I don’t want to waste food’. Instead, you could change this to ‘I can put it in the fridge and eat it later when I’ll enjoy it more’.
Treat yourself wisely – it’s okay to enjoy a treat during the holidays. Rather than punishing yourself for indulging, allow yourself to pick one treat to have that you really enjoy and don’t get to have often.
Keep exercising – it may not be practical to do your usual workouts but make sure you keep exercising. It could be as simple as going for a walk or you could organise an activity with family or friends like a day out at the beach or a game of backyard cricket.

This year eat only until your stomach’s content. It will help you manage your weight and leave you feeling better.

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