Using mantras in everyday life

Mantras aren’t just something reserved for a yoga or meditation class. We can use them in our everyday lives to bring us into the present and positively effect certain areas of our life.

A mantra can be a word, phrase or even a sound or syllable that we repeat. It should be something that helps you to become more present and go beyond negative thoughts. This could be a quality you want to manifest, a positive affirmation or ancient mantras such as ‘om’.

You can repeat the mantra out loud or silently in your mind. For some the power of the mantra is the words, but for others it can be the sound or vibration.

There are many reasons for using mantras. For example, they can help you:
• focus your mind
• enter a meditative state
• become more present and self-aware
• reduce stress
• elicit confidence and other positive qualities.

In addition to using mantras for yoga or meditation, you can also use them to cope with stress or as a relaxation technique. Mantras can also help you manifest or clarify something in your life. You can also use mantras in the morning to put you in a good mindset for the day ahead.

Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you may want to use popular mantras such as Sanskrit mantras. Sanskrit is an ancient language that is considered to be sacred and help people to achieve a higher state of awareness. It is commonly used in yoga and some meditation practices. If you’re using mantras to manifest or bring forth positive qualities, you may like to create your own.

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