Boost your beauty regime naturally

Keep yourself looking beautiful in the cooler months with an all-natural beauty regime. We’ve put together a list of beauty tips for you this winter. These natural tips can give your beauty regime the boost it needs and ensure your skin remains healthy, strong and beautiful this winter.

1. Use chilled tea bags to remove puffiness from your eyes
Steep two green or chamomile teabags in hot water for one minute. Remove them from the water and chill in a bowl in the refrigerator. Once cool, place them on your eyelids and leave for 5 to 15 minutes.

2. Stay hydrated
Winter dehydrates your skin so it’s vital to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Starting each morning with a glass of lemon water or unsweetened coconut water can give your body an extra blast of hydrating nutrients too.

3. Take warm showers
While it’s tempting to take long, hot showers in winter this actually dries out your skin and can worsen skin issues. Hot water strips away the healthy fats and oils that your skin needs. Instead, try switching to a lukewarm shower and use moisturiser immediately after.

4. Remove processed sugar from your diet
Sugar can cause skin inflammation which often appears as skin acne, dry and irritated skin, or accentuated wrinkles. Removing all processed sugar from your diet will help reduce these symptoms.

5. Wear sunscreen
It may be cold and cloudy in winter but that doesn’t mean you won’t be exposed to UV rays. UVA rays can travel through clouds and glass so you can still be exposed to them even if you’re inside all day. Applying sunscreen every day helps to prevent UV damage and maintain healthy, youthful skin.

6. Try almond oil
Oils, such as almond oil, can be a great alternative to store-bought liquid soap. Some soaps have chemicals that remove your skin’s natural moisture, leading to dry and irritated skin. Almond oil can help to naturally cleanse and nourish your skin.

7. Use Aloe Vera to ease irritated skin
If you suffer from red, irritated skin, we recommend applying an Aloe Vera gel. This is an excellent treatment for skin conditions, such as burns and eczema. It’s also frequently reported that applying Aloe Vera to burn areas can soothe and rapidly reduce the pain.

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