Celebrate your dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner. We know it can be difficult to find good gifts, especially if your dad is the type who already has everything he needs. We’ve got some ideas to help you celebrate your dad and let him know how special he is.

Handmade gift
Often, it’s the simple and sentimental gifts that can be the most valuable. Draw on your creative talents and make something personal and heartfelt for your dad. You could create a handmade card, photo book, snack basket, lolly jar, homemade preserve, herb mix, spice rub or beer cooler.

Enjoy a meal together
There’s something special about sitting down and enjoying a meal together. If you’re not able to see your dad in person, you could plan a virtual meal over Zoom or FaceTime. To celebrate your dad, everyone could prepare and eat one of your dad’s favourite meals together or you could each order takeaway.

Help with the tedious tasks
We all have things we don’t enjoy doing – dads included! So why not help him out? If your dad prefers to avoid supermarkets, you could organise a grocery delivery for him and include some extra goodies. If he’s not a fan of housework, you could give the house a spring clean. If he’s putting off replacing some of his old and worn-out clothes, you could take him out to the shops or help him order some new ones online.

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