Ways to increase your fitness

Why should we increase our fitness? It helps to boost our energy, increase our circulation and improve our physical endurance. And this helps to build our self-confidence and improve our attitude toward life.

Here are three simple ways you can increase your fitness:

Exercise for longer – increasing the amount of time you exercise can help you build stamina. This could mean increasing the total time of your workout or increasing the work periods during your workout. For example, you could add 15 minutes to your walk, choose a longer yoga session or increase your work period by 10 seconds during circuit training.

Reduce rest periods – if you’re doing circuits or interval training, taking shorter rest periods between sets can increase the intensity of your workout and help you build endurance. Try reducing your rest period by 10-15 seconds.

Increase resistance – resistance training can increase muscle strength and endurance. There are many tools you can use to increase resistance during your workout including resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, and weight machines. If you don’t have any gym equipment available, you could even use bottles filled with water or bags of rice.

Seeking advice from a personal trainer or other exercise professional about ways to increase your fitness can help identify the routine that’s just right for you.

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