Minute mindfulness exercises

Mindfulness exercise

Sometimes our days are so full, we feel like we don’t even have a minute for ourselves. But taking a moment to pause and slow down can help us feel calmer and be more productive.

When you have a lot to do its common to find your mind is racing and experience stress and anxiety. Mindfulness can help you become more present and focused and reduce these anxious feelings. Not only can it help you become more engaged in what you’re doing, it can also boost your wellbeing.

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t take long. You can create little moments of mindfulness throughout your day. It can be as simple as tuning into your body or becoming aware of your surroundings.

Here are some quick and easy mindful exercises you can do wherever you are:
• List three things you are grateful for
• Savour each sip of your tea or coffee
• Focus on your breathing
• Close your eyes and tune into the sounds around you
• Scan through your body, noticing any sensations
• Observe an object or creature in your environment
• Notice the texture and flavours of the food you’re eating
• Stretch your neck and shoulders

Take a minute for yourself and try one of these exercises today!

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